Church Choir


The robed choir sings at most 10.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. services, as well as other special services such as festivals and weddings. It helps to support the worship by providing a strong lead for the congregational hymns, communion music, canticles and psalms. It also regularly sings anthems selected for the theme of the service or season.


The choir, which is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music, is four part (SATB) and comprises both adults and children. Practices are held on Thursday evenings. The children receive training leading to the award of medals, including Bishops’ Chorister.


With children currently in the Choir getting older, we are looking for children aged seven years and over to join us. Benefits include:

‪•‬ Learning to sing well

‪•‬ Helping to lead the worship

‪•‬ Learning to read music

‪•‬ Enjoying singing

‪•‬ Developing a wide repertoire of music, old and new.


For further information please contact us or talk to a member of the Choir.