St Mary's Stapleford Tawney with St Michael's Theydon Mount

APCM & PCC Documents Archive

Please find below the agenda for the next APCM meeting:

Parish Church of St Mary’s Stapleford Tawney with St Michael’s Theydon Mount

Annual Vestry and Parochial Church Meetings


To be held in St Mary’s Stapleford Tawney on Sunday 18th April 2021 at the conclusion of the Morning Service


Annual Vestry Meeting 

1.    Minutes of the 2020 Annual Vestry Meeting.

2.    Election of Church Wardens for St Mary’s and St Michael’s.


Annual Parochial Church Meeting

1.    Minutes of the 2021 Annual Parochial Meeting (for approval).

2.    Electoral Roll Officer’s Report.

3.    a.      PCC report 

3.    b.      Vicar’s report

4.    Election of lay members of the PCC (including to agree that PCC members continue to be elected for a period of office of 1 year (i.e to dispense with rule M16 (1)(b)) as permitted by rule M16 (2) of Church Representation Rules 2020)

5.    Presentation of the Independently Examined Financial Statements of the Council for the years ending 31st December 2020

6.    Appointment of Independent Examiner for 2021

7.    Report on the Fabric, Goods and Ornaments of the Church – (the Churchwarden’s report).

8.    Report on the Proceedings of Deanery Synod

9.    Questions on any matters relating to reports published on other areas of church life prior to the meeting.

The following are an archive of the formal report & accounts of the running of St. Mary's Stapleford Tawney & St. Michael's Theydon Mount churches:


Stapleford Tawney & Theydon Mount Churches Annual Report 2020
20210402 ST&TM PCC Annual Report 2020.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 91.8 KB
2021 February PCC Minutes
20210307 ST&TM PCC minutes 10.02.21.docx
Microsoft Word Document 37.4 KB

Independent Examiner 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 46.0 KB

Vicar's report 2019 ST.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 199.7 KB
Stapleford Tawney & Theydon Mount Churches Accounts 2020
20210415 ST&TM PCC Accounts for 2020 App
Adobe Acrobat Document 155.8 KB
2019 Final Accounts.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 439.7 KB

PCC Annual Report 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 191.1 KB
2019 APCM minutes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 190.1 KB